Emergency? – Don’t Panic

We know, anytime your equipment isn’t working right is an emergency.  But here we mean things that could lose your data or cause physical danger.

Turn off your computer and unplug it if:

  • Obviously if you see sparks or smoke, less so if you detect an “electrical” odor which could be a component overheating or otherwise failing.
  • You hear odd noises that you haven’t before, vibration, hissing, rattling – or unexpected silence.
  • Your computer suddenly and repeatedly shuts down or restarts.

These can be dangerous conditions that on one hand might cause a fire or electric shock, on the other, could cause all the stuff you’ve saved on your drive to be lost.

Problems like slow startups, programs slow to start or won’t run, can’t get on internet, etc. are emergencies of a (somewhat) less critical nature.

We can help you with all of these. Call us at 510-848-5990 and please, sometimes we are all out serving clients in their homes and offices, so if you leave a message, remember, LEAVE YOUR NAME AND TELEPHONE NUMBER. This is true even if you are now or have been a client of ours; it makes it that much faster to get back to you.