Hello, Steve,
Thanks again for getting me back up and running so quickly. I am most appreciative of your care and concern, in addition to your technical expertise.

Hope you have a nice weekend, and I will be in touch, if for nothing else than to get to a ball game.

We’ve worked with Steve for a decade now and he has been terrific, no matter what we’ve thrown at him. He’s helped in my husband’s law firm with some sophisticated systems, and gotten me (a technophobic writer) out of numerous jams. He is knowledgeable, patient, honest, reasonable, a pleasure to be around, and incredibly skilled at what he does. What more could you ask for?
Steve —
just wanted to express my appreciation for the magic you performed on my Dell laptop (Vostro 1500, depressed left click). Works like new, maybe better!

To the extent that the opinion of a computer ignoramus is of any use, I’ll be glad to be a refererence or write a testimonial (sorry, but I don’t do social networks and such).

Thank you SO much.

Paul P.
We’ve been using Steve Edlen for all of our computer-related needs for many years. He’s fantastic—professional, honest, easy to deal with for business and a pleasure to talk to personally. He’s always willing to explain things, with the admirable goal of helping his clients be more tech independent. And he’s always been reliably available to deal with the full range of computer issues—from resolving full-blown crises to answering smaller, non-rush questions. He makes having computer problems pretty much painless. And if he’s working in your home and you have a guitar, ask him to play. He’s very good at that too
Dear Steve,
Just a note to let you know that your hard work on my computer has been sincerely appreciated. It runs really nicely- I couldn’t believe that you was able to do this!

Thank you very much again!

Hi Steve, You are really worth your weight in gold! Making that night visit was over the top and SOO appreciated! What a friend you are. Fondly Wendy

Steve, You got me on the right track and I successfully changed my password and got back into my email.
Thanks so much. I was impressed about how I was able to let you access my computer…without your being physically here. Wow!!

Many thanks for your kind assistance and patience! As you know, sometimes we older, scattered people do not pay attention and see simple things. You’re a life calmer. Please send me a bill or put this consult on my tab! Warm regards, M C

Steve is very competent in the esoterica of computers and at the same time is very personable. He is very good at remaining cool when you are freaked out about your */??!##@*&&^) computer is doing something that you don’t like.
We have relied on Berkeley Backup for help with our computers for at least two decades. In the early years, we lived in Berkeley and, for most of our problems, Steve would come to our house to fix them. Now we live in the Northwest, but our first call for help is still always to Steve, because he can solve most of our problems either by talking us through the fixes or by using his remote capability to work directly on our computers.

Throughout all these years, Steve has responded promptly to our calls — whether our problems are big or small; he knows his stuff and always gets to the core of the issue in record time, and, on a personal level, it is always a great pleasure to work with him.

My wife and I have a total of 4 PCs in two homes and Steve has been an absolutely invaluable resource in helping us keep all of the computers up and running smoothly. I should add that Berkeley Backup’s fees are always amazingly reasonable. We give Berkeley Backup the highest possible rating.

Paul L.

We at Berkeley Backup thank you for your kind words and your patronage and look forward to serving you in the future.

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