We fix problems-Happy Girl on Laptop

Some examples –

  • Extremely long boot times
  • Programs starting or running slowly or failing to run at all
  • The computer locks up (screen is frozen and nothing happens) or crashes (solid blue or black screen)
  • You can’t get your e-mail or get on the internet
  • You get endless pop up windows in your internet browser
  • You can’t read a CD or DVD, or can’t make one
  • The image on your monitor looks wrong; wrong colors, can’t be seen, distorted
  • Your computer shuts down or restarts without any warning

We diagnose the causes and return your computer to peak operating condition. Sometimes we can do this by connecting to your computer remotely online. Spyware and virus removal typically require hands on service. We can come to you, but it’s best if we have your machine in our office.

Upgrades –Parts of first Army computers

For example: add more RAM, a solid state drive, a Blue-ray/DVD reader/writer, new graphic card, or a peripheral, such as a monitor, printer, scanner, network router, etc.

We can help you choose & even order components then install them so they work properly with your system.

New computer, purchase and set up –baby onlaptop

If you are ready to buy a new computer we can help you configure and order one. Once it arrives, we make sure everything works, then set up your peripherals such as monitor, printer, scanner, router, so you’ll be good to go. We can install your software on the new computer, transfer your data and e-mail, and even set up your bookmarks in the browser of your choice.

Data recovery –Data visualization

We use sophisticated software to attempt to recover data from your existing hard drive and put it on DVD or an external drive (yours or one we can help you select and purchase). There is no charge if we cannot access the drive. For complicated data recovery we recommend DriveSavers.

Computer networking –Worlds_First_Computer_the_Electronic_Numerical_Integrator_and_Calculator_ENIAC

Home, home office or small business, we can handle your networking, allowing all your computers to work together, have internet access, use common printers, etc. and do so securely. We can use hard wired networking (and even arrange cable installation) or set up a wireless system.

Bay Area MapBerkeley Backup is your independent personal tech support. Located in the center of Berkeley, we serve most of Contra Costa and Alameda Counties and have clients in San Francisco as well.