Hello, Steve,
Thanks again for getting me back up and running so quickly. I am most appreciative of your care and concern, in addition to your technical expertise.

Hope you have a nice weekend, and I will be in touch, if for nothing else than to get to a ball game.

We’ve worked with Steve for a decade now and he has been terrific, no matter what we’ve thrown at him. He’s helped in my husband’s law firm with some sophisticated systems, and gotten me (a technophobic writer) out of numerous jams. He is knowledgeable, patient, honest, reasonable, a pleasure to be around, and incredibly skilled at what he does. What more could you ask for?
Steve —
just wanted to express my appreciation for the magic you performed on my Dell laptop (Vostro 1500, depressed left click). Works like new, maybe better!

To the extent that the opinion of a computer ignoramus is of any use, I’ll be glad to be a refererence or write a testimonial (sorry, but I don’t do social networks and such).

Thank you SO much.

Paul P.
We’ve been using Steve Edlen for all of our computer-related needs for many years. He’s fantastic—professional, honest, easy to deal with for business and a pleasure to talk to personally. He’s always willing to explain things, with the admirable goal of helping his clients be more tech independent. And he’s always been reliably available to deal with the full range of computer issues—from resolving full-blown crises to answering smaller, non-rush questions. He makes having computer problems pretty much painless. And if he’s working in your home and you have a guitar, ask him to play. He’s very good at that too.