Snoozing ClockHas anyone else noticed that just around the time that Microsoft starting shoving Windows 10 down our throats it started becoming more difficult to obtain Windows Updates for Windows 7?  I thought so.

It seems like every time I do a full system reload on a Windows 7 computer I’m able to get a small first-round set of updates and then Service Pack 1 and then I have to let the computer check for updates overnight before it finally comes up with more.  Last week I had a computer that wouldn’t bring up a list no matter how long I let it run.  There are tons of postings about this problem offering solutions. I tried at least a half-ton of them, including really time-consuming esoteric ones.  I finally came across a link to a program that worked for me. It’s called WSUS Offline Update and it claims to work in Windows 8 and 10..  Here is a link to it:

Its purpose in life is to download updates from Microsoft in a command window and allow you to save them on a drive for future installation on a computer that has no Internet connection.  I tried it and it worked for Windows 7!  And, best of all, after it installed 153 updates on the problem computer, Windows Automatic Updating starting working and I was able to do several more rounds to include some of the optionals.  It’s free but they do accept donations and I cheerfully contributed.  I’m going to try it on another Windows 7 reload that I’ve been battling with